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Why do teeth affect oral health?

Thousands of individuals don’t understand the effect teeth have on oral health. They may know that they should be kept clean, yet it is when they are missing the real issues begin creeping in.

No matter the reason for extensive tooth loss, be it gum disease, an unhealthy oral hygiene program, or through an accident, these missing teeth will have a negative effect on the mouth once they are gone.

Here are the top things, which will happen when you have a significant amount of tooth loss, and what you can do to improve your oral health.

Bone loss and weakness can be stopped with All on 4 Scottsdale, AZ

Once you have lost a tooth, things start happening in the mouth that you can be unaware of. When there is tooth loss, the body stops sending vital nutrients to that part of the jawbone because it doesn’t think it requires them. This in turn leads to the bone density reducing.

When you have bone loss of this nature, the surrounding cartilage and muscles begin to breakdown. This will result in your cheeks and lips taking on an appearance that often looks sunk.

Speech patterns can change

Once all the supportive structure in your mouth has been compromised by tooth loss. Gum tissues begin to change, and this can loosen or weaken surrounding teeth. Speech patterns will take on a slurring sound and you may find that it is hard to make specific sounds when talking.

Because of this, you may lose self-confidence as you lose your #smilewithconfidence. This can affect close personal relationships, so taking care of your mouth takes on even more importance.

All on 4 Scottsdale, AZ help, prevent bone fractures

No matter what dental procedure you have, if you are in an accident, they can fall to the same fate and be broken, yet If you have nothing done to replace your missing teeth and you do suffer from bone density loss, then you will be more susceptible to fractures in accidents that are not as major. 

The jaw will be weaker, yet these dental implants can reverse all the above and help regain healthy bone density.

Take your oral health serious with your local Scottsdale, AZ dentist 

To prevent all the above from happening, you will need a procedure that can halt this bone loss. Dentures may be appealing, yet the speed up the degradation of the jaw. Dental implants are the ultimate solution, and for excessive tooth loss, there is nothing better than All on 4 Scottsdale, AZ.

Finding a local dentist who can not only deliver the best advice but also perform these procedures is easier than you think. Contact Martin Dental, and the staff can schedule you in to #meetthedoctor. He will weigh up all your options, and from then on, you can get back a great smile without the worry your mouth is getting weaker without you knowing.

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