Are Dentures Better than All on 4 Implants Gilbert, AZ

What are the differences between dentures and dental implants?

When you begin searching for a top rated dental clinic, you will find that they often come with a dentist who has spent years of training in specific fields. This is far better than a regular dentist who just covers all the basic needs.

The question often asked is which the better option for replacing all the teeth are. Is it dentures, or will it be the newer technology of All on 4 Implants Gilbert, AZ? A lot will depend on the patient themselves rather than the technique.

Oral health, the size of the patient’s budget, and lastly, what do they desire. While everyone wants to #smilewithconfidence, the way it can be achieved may be different for some people.

Carry on reading to learn the options Martin Dental may offer as a solution.

A quick fix that comes with its own problems

Dentures do a great job of looking and functioning just like real teeth. Depending on the extent of tooth loss, a skilled local dentist in Gilbert, AZ may recommend a partial denture or a full set of dentures. 

Partial dentures will only be used when there are a few teeth to be replaced compared to full dentures that replace every tooth, which used to be in the mouth.

All on 4 Implants Gilbert, AZ are more permanent

You can have single implants, which replace a single tooth, yet if you have been advised for a full set of dentures, then this is the only alternative which is better in the long run. An implant stimulates bone growth because it acts just like a real tooth. This is something that dentures can’t do.

Dental implants look and act like real teeth, yet they never slip and never catch food under the denture to cause pain while eating. With regular care, these can also last far longer than a set of dentures.

Dentures or implants, which one should I choose?

The first thing is that dentures are much cheaper than All on 4 Implants Gilbert, AZ. Yet, over time, dentures will need replacing as they become loose and the jawbone deteriorates. Implants remain in place from the first day they are inserted, and can last 20 years and above.

Dentures can even speed up bone loss while implants stop this from happening. As a result, the face doesn’t take on that sunken look with aging.

Will I be a suitable candidate for dental implants?

You may have lost many teeth through gum disease or from an accident, it can even be that they have been steadily lost over the years, and now you are finding it hard to carry on as usual.

To be sure, you get the right advice; you will need to meet your local dentist to get the best advice. To do this, contact Martin Dental, and you can book an appointment to #meetthedoctor and find out once and for all, All on 4 Implants Gilbert, AZ are the ultimate solution is to replace your teeth and give you back the brightest smile you’ve had in years.

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