Gum Disease and an Affordable Dentist Queen Creek, AZ

Why do people underestimate periodontal disease?

Oral problems are most often related to teeth because of what it is like to have one extracted, filled or there is a need for a root canal. This can be one of the reasons that periodontal disease is overshadowed.

Gum disease can lead to tooth loss and many other issues along the way because the effects can be long lasting and expensive to correct. Carry on reading to learn more about gum disease and what warning signs you may have that will lead to searching for an Affordable dentist Queen Creek, AZ.

Gum disease comes with aging.

While there are gum issues attributed to the aging process, gum disease isn’t one of them. It is in now inevitable that you will get gum disease as you get older. You do get periodontal disease by the accumulation of plaque, and this is just as susceptible to happen in children as it is in the elderly.

What actually happens when we age is that gums recede and the accumulation of plaque occurs much faster due to insufficient oral hygiene. Medications can also increase the risk of gum disease in older people.

I don’t need an affordable dentist Queen Creek, AZ; it isn’t serious

Gum disease creeps up over time and only shows itself when things get serious. Contrary to what some people think, gum disease won’t just stop and go away if you ignore it. You start with redness, then bleeding as you brush, and then there are pockets around the roots of the teeth and they become loose.

Your local dentist can spot these symptoms much earlier, so it is vital to have regular check-ups and tooth cleaning.

It is okay if my gums bleed when brushing

Many individuals think it is okay for gums to bleed a little as they brush their teeth. This is incorrect and they shouldn’t bleed while flossing either. While you may not spot the signs you have gum disease, continual bleeding with most of your brushing is one sign not to ignore, and is one of the first that can instigate a visit to your affordable dentist Queen Creek, AZ.

Other signs you can notice are

  • Mouth sores and tender gums
  • Gums pulling away from your teeth
  • Bad breath or pus between gums and teeth
  • Teeth that are loose and separating
  • A change in the way your teeth bite together


Gum disease information from local affordable dentist Queen Creek, AZ

It isn’t only poor hygiene that causes gum disease. You can find you have a good oral hygiene program and you are still suffering. Your local dentist can explain other areas, which can cause this, as it will depend on the person.

A good dentist has many tools at their disposal to help overcome gum disease, and they will be able to explain what you can do at home to combat this disease. To find out more, contact Martin Dental and the professional dental team can help you make an appointment to #meetthedoctor and find your way back to healthy oral hygiene.

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