Root Canals vs. Extraction by Dentist San Tan Valley, AZ

Why are there two options?

Both procedures can be daunting for many people, and there are many individuals who have either during the year. Both can solve pain and discomfort issues, yet understanding which the better option of the two is eludes many people.

Read on to learn the difference between root canals and tooth extraction, so when you visit your Dentist San Tan Valley, AZ you will understand what they are talking about.

What will happen during a tooth extraction or a root canal?

When you have a tooth extraction, this merely means the entire tooth will be pulled. There is no attempt to save the tooth, and you will have a gap once this happens. It will be a recommendation to have a dental implant in this space to prevent further issues.

When your local dentist San Tan Valley, AZ performs a root canal, they will work to remove just the parts, which are decaying and damaged. All the pain will be caused by decay around the root and nerve. These will be removed and cleaned, where the hole will then be sealed where a crown will be used to cap the tooth.

Are there benefits and downsides to root canals?

The major plus point of a root canal is that you can keep your tooth. Retaining this portion helps with overall oral health and the alignment of your #smilewithconfidence. 

The major downside to a root canal by your dentist San Tan Valley, AZ is they can be expensive compared to an extraction. Not only this, the tooth will no longer be alive as it was when it had a root nerve. Over time, this tooth will die and could discolor and require more attention.

Tooth extraction benefits and downsides

A tooth extraction by your local dentist San Tan Valley, AZ is a lot faster than a root canal. However, if you opt for a dental implant, this will be costly and take longer.

When there is a gap between teeth, the surrounding ones start to move to fill the gap, this causes misalignment and the jawbone in that area stops receiving nutrients from the body and slowly loses density as a result.

What is the best option in San Tan Valley, AZ?

The best option varies between people, and can be affected by the funding available. To be sure, which procedure is best for you, you can contact Martin Dental and the professional dental team can book you in for an appointment to #meetthedoctor, then he can offer you the best option, and what you can do after.

Once you pay a visit, you will quickly see you have the best dentist offering you advice, and no matter which option you go for, he won’t leave you with the chance to have a perfect smile.

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