Tooth Replacement Options: All on 4 Mesa, AZ Are on Top

Why do I need a full set of teeth?

To be able to #smilewithconfidence, it is vital to have a full set of teeth. However, every day, there are innumerous individuals who lose teeth for a vast number of reasons, here are a few examples.

  • Recreational drug use. This causes tooth and gum damage
  • Unhealthy lifestyle: Poor nutrition causes tooth loss
  • Vehicle collisions:  Unexpected vehicle accidents can damage teeth
  • Periodontal disease: This necessitates tooth extraction
  • Sporting injuries: A blow to the mouth can have drastic results

There a are several tooth replacement options available, and this will differ depending on the extent of tooth damage, or tooth loss. All these need a visit to your local Mesa, AZ dentist to receive the best advice, after a thorough examination, he will deliver his recommendations depending on the extent of the damage inside the mouth. The first options can be temporary while the final option of All on 4 Mesa, AZ will be a permanent solution.

Dental bridges are good for a couple of adjoining teeth

These bridges are made from a plastic and a frame. These will sit between two healthy teeth and support custom made dental crowns. The dentist may attach these to the surrounding teeth to keep them in place. Your local All on 4 Mesa, AZ dentist can offer one of several kinds of dental bridges.

  • Implant supported bridges – these take support from implants
  • Traditional bridges – these are connected to surrounding teeth
  • Cantilever bridges – pontics (dental crown attached to other teeth)  will be located on the outside of abutment teeth
  • Maryland bridges – a support will be bonded to a tooth located on one side only

Dentures are a quick fix for large numbers of teeth

This have been used for years to replace large numbers of teeth. While you get partial dentures, you may see it is more common for full sets of dentures to be used. These are made from a mold that is taken from the mouth and once used they sit against the gums.

It can take a while to be familiar with dentures if you have gone a while with no teeth. While they do deliver a great smile, many wearers become agitated with their use after extended periods. They need removing to be cleaned; they slip when talking and easting and food can become trapped which leads to discomfort.

Dental implants in Mesa, AZ are number one 

This dental technology has revolutionized how dentists replace all missing teeth. While you can, have an implant for single teeth, these use a full arch much the same as dentures, yet they are connected to the jawbone by means of four implants. 

These deliver the stimulation the jaw needs to prevent bone loss, and they will never slip or cause discomfort while eating.

If you wish to know more, then you can contact Martin Dental and the professional dental team will help you to #meetthedoctor so you can learn more about All on 4 Mesa, AZ dental implants, and how they can transform your life.

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