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21152 E Rittenhouse Rd #106
Queen Creek, AZ 85142 





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Welcome to
Martin Dental

Our mission is delivering unparalleled dentistry in our pleasant office. Dr. Martin and his team are passionate about providing you with not only immaculate results, but also an enjoyable experience.

Every year, millions of US adults avoid visiting the dentist due to dental fear and anxiety. We offer sedation dentistry to help these patients make it into our office so we can protect their smiles. In addition to our friendly staff and patient amenities, our state-of-the-art sedation center offers proven sedation options to help patients who need to feel a little extra relaxed during their visit.

We are also passionate about providing beautiful dental implants. Our dental implant center maximizes the esthetic and functional placement of your implants so you can enjoy a flawless smile for the rest of your life.

What Our Patients Say

The experience I have had with Dr. Martin has been exemplary. Honestly, much more than a notch above the care and attention I was expecting to receive from a dentist. I would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat since I have been very happy with the results of his work. He came to my aid multiple times when I had made choices to deny treatment plans, which would have resulted in prolonged pain.

When doing the different procedures, his bedside manner and patience throughout the process was smooth and he did a great job at making it painless. He has always answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns. The outcome of his efforts turn out beautiful due to the attention to detail he puts into it. He truly takes pride in his work and treats everyone like family. I even have friends from out of town now coming to him because of his amazing character.

I can't thank him enough for the fantastic job he has done so far and for listening, caring, being understanding and patient with me. Thank you Doc for all you did and for making the dentist a positive experience for me.

Crystal C.

Dr. Martin and his staff are amazing. They made me feel very comfortable right away. I've now been going to Dr. Martin for over 3 years and would even fly out to Texas because he did such a great work and I knew I could trust him. Which I feel is huge for dentistry now a days. He really cares for me and makes sure I'm in the least amount of pain as possible. I also appreciate how up to date he is with all his procedures. I know I will always get the best care with him, so thank you Dr. Martin.

Rachel C.


D e n t a l I m p l a n t s

Dr. Martin designs dental implants that look and function like natural teeth, and also help preserve the jawbone. Our medical-grade titanium implants will keep your face looking youthful and your smile functioning correctly. We offer single dental implants, denture implants, and All-on-4. Learn More

S e d a t i o n D e n t i s t r y

The first step to a healthier, more beautiful smile is calling us to talk about sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry will relax you completely so that you can receive any treatment you want or need with no fear, no pain, and no anxiety. At our practice, we are proud to offer IV sedation! Learn More

C o s m e t i c D e n t i s t r y

Do you often get embarrassed when you show your smile? Do you have a vision of a better smile for yourself? Dr. Martin is passionate about smile design, and can help you change anything about your smile to boost your confidence and improve your life. Learn More

F a m i l y D e n t i s t r y

Martin Dental is a great place for the whole family to receive outstanding dentistry. We offer a wide range of solutions to prevent, diagnose, and treat common dental problems. You can ask us about anything, from dental hygiene to dental implants. Learn More

Substandard services don’t cut it when it comes to your family’s health. There’s a better way at Martin Dental. We would love to meet with you and discuss your expectations–just give us a call today!

Martin Dental
21152 E Rittenhouse Rd #106
Queen Creek, AZ 85142 
| Call: 480-542-4433

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