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To keep your oral hygiene proper, you will need several good oral care habits!  Performing all these habits together will help with bacteria and plaque build-up.  When these habits do not exists, your mouth will be filled with tartar, cavities and more serious issues.  One of the most important habits is using floss to clean between the teeth and under the gum line. #smilewithconfidence

Here is an interesting fact about flossing.  It is proven to effectively remove plaque but so many people do not floss daily, instead just opt for brushing.  Those who have managed to make flossing a daily habit still may not be getting the full benefit of flossing due to improper usage. AZ Best Dentist Near Me San Tan Valley

So why is flossing so important?  It is designed to remove food from between the teeth.  Flossing removes the film of bacteria that forms plaque.  If left untreated, it turns to tartar.  This is a hard mineral that is responsible for gum disease. 

Cleaning in between the teeth is a super important part of oral care.  Most toothbrushes simply can not reach the interproximal areas.  When dental floss is used correctly, it can remove plaque therefor reducing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.  AZ Best Dentist Near Me San Tan Valley

Flossing Correctly:

  1.  Open the container and cut an 18 inch piece of floss.  Hold it between your thumb and fingers on each hand. 
  2.  Insert the floss between the teeth, try not to use to much force. #martindental
  3.  Form the floss into a C shape, it should curve around the surface of each tooth.  Move the floss gently in an up and down motion.  Repeat this and clean both sides of the tooth.  Make sure you reach under the gumline.  Use a new section of floss for every tooth. 
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