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If you are performing a “clear braces near me” search in hopes of finding a way to straighten your teeth, we want you to get the most out of your treatment plan, so straight talk to will hear about straightening teeth! 

Having braces of any kind, whether that is Invisalign or metal braces is daunting.  You may be asking yourself, who is the best dentist or orthodontist around me?  Should I get Invisalign or metal braces?  Which option is the most effective?  You need all the answers, so let’s go through them together!  AZ Dentist in Queen Creek


When you straighten your teeth, it will do more than just give you a beautiful smile.  Of course it is a huge plus, but when people choose to straighten their teeth, especially as an adult, there is so much more that goes on behind the scene that will benefit your overall health.  Having straight teeth means they are easier to clean, corrects any bite issues and aligns your teeth and jaw. #smilewithconfidence


Whatever method that is chosen, both will work towards giving you the same result.  So what makes them different?  The key difference likes in the process of how they straighten.  Figuring out which route is best for you will depend on your needs and preferences. AZ Dentist in Queen Creek

Here at #martindental we specialize in Invisalign.  It gives patients the option to have braces discretely.  They are made to be invisible.  Aligner trays that are made of BPA-free plastic will subtly and gradually move your teeth.  It is smooth and comfortable in your mouth. Instead of using a mold, with Invisalign a 3D image of your teeth is taken to configure aligner trays with just the right fit. 

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