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We’ve been discussing cracked teeth.  It can happen to anyone….anytime!  Earlier articles have discussed a front tooth crack, but what do you do if you or someone in your family has a cracked molar?  The molar is the chewing teeth, located in the back.  It can become cracked by biting ice or hard candy and even teeth grinding.  AZ Dentist in San Tan Valley  The molars are vulnerable to cracks because they take so much force on them with chewing.  Sometimes there a symptoms that you will notice, but other times there isn’t.  If you notice any symptoms it is important to contact your dentist right away.  Your dentist can examine the molar and help determine how minor or serious the crack is.  Minor cracks may simple be just a cosmetic issue, but a serious crack will require treatment. #martindental

There may be pain, or no pain present at all.  Pain may only come with eating or when the molar is exposed to hot or cold food/drinks.  It is best to try and figure out where exactly the pain in coming from so that you can point your dentist in the right direction.  Avoid chewing on the side that is bothering you.  Biting can open the crack even more or irritate the tissue inside your mouth where all the nerves and blood vessels are. AZ Dentist in San Tan Valley

If there is a minor crack and the only area affected in the out later of the tooth, then your dentist may not recommend any treatment.  This kind of crack is relatively common in adult teeth.  The term is “craze lines”.  If the tooth is simply polished, your dentist can improve the appearance of it in an instance. #smilewithconfidence


When a crack has cut through more than just the enamel, treatment will be needed to prevent future problems.  Depending on how severe the track is, a crown, root canal, or removal of tooth may be recommended.  Sometimes just filling the crack and having a crown placed over it can keep it from getting worse.  If the soft tissue is affected, then a root canal may be needed. 

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