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We’ve discussed several options available to patients who have an accident and crack their front tooth.  The first options, in a previous article discussed, were bonding and crowns.  Depending on the severity of the crack, your dentist may want you to consider a different route.  Root Canals and Implants are two options that may be advised in the crack has affected the health of the tooth. AZ Queen Creek Best Dentist Near Me

When a crack affects the outside AND inside of the tooth, how it is fixed will matter greatly.  If the crack reaches the pulp of the tooth, a root canal treatment may be needed to treat the inflamed pulp and save the tooth.  A root canal will treat the cracked portion of the tooth and then a crown will be placed after.  This may sound intimidating, but the process is very similar to having a filling done.  Not to mention, with today’s technology, a root canal is a fairly comfortable procedure. #martindental

When the crack has reached beneath the gumline, the tooth can no longer be treated.  What does this mean?  It means the tooth will need to be removed.  However, this DOES NOT mean that you need to go with an empty space in your mouth.  An oral surgeon can install an implant into the jawbone to replace the root of the tooth.  After the implant is placed, a crown is attached and it is made to look like your original tooth as much as possible. AZ Queen Creek Best Dentist Near Me

Whatever you and your dentist decide is the best treatment, it is always good to remember to take care of it after treatment.  Brush twice a day and use a fluoride toothpaste.  This will help protect your restored tooth from decay. #smilewithconfidence Make sure you make all your dental exams so that your dentist can check the bonding, crown, or implant to make sure it is in tip top shape! 

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