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Dentures are made for patients who have lost some or all of their teeth.  They help with speech, smiling and eating naturally.  All of these things are only possible if the dentures are comfortable and well-maintained.  Learning to clean them is important, but occasionally steps need to be made to eliminate the tougher-to-remove bacteria. AZ Queen Creek Best Dentist


Food Accumulations in Dentures

Every time you eat, foot particles collect on the dentures, for several reasons:

  1.  Food that falls to the floor of the mouth can land and become trapped under a lower denture.
  2.  Debris can be pushed backward and upward as you chew and swallow.  It winds up in between your palate and upper denture.
  3.  Food can stick to the rough plastic surface of dentures way more than it does to oral tissue.  #martindental

Dentures take up a lot of room in the mouth.  Someone with dentures is way more likely to feel food remnants collecting under the dentures than a person would with natural teeth.    

Problems with Buildup

AZ Queen Creek Best Dentist  Food tends to stick to certain areas of the denture more than others.  If it isn’t removed frequently, it can lead to oral problems.  Bad breath is a common concern among around 87% of people who wear dentures.  When food accumulates in the mouth, it can turn rancid in hours.  For you to know if dentures are affecting your breath, try placing your dentures in a sealed plastic sandwich bag for 5 minutes. #smilewithconfidence When you unseal the bag, you will know whether you are experiencing halitosis (bad breath) caused by the dentures. 

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