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The most chronic disease amount kids and teenager is tooth decay.  Some associate the term “early tooth decay” with cavities or decay that happens in a young person, the term actually is referring to the stage of tooth decay, for all ages.  Early decay is when damage happens to the tooth’s enamel.  It can occur with children, teens, or adults. AZ Queen Creek Dentist 

Here is the good news.  During these early stages, tooth decay is not only treatable, but it is reversible.  You need to know what to look for and what to do if you see any signs of early decay. #smilewithconfidence

Fluoride is one of the best defenses that you and your kids can use against early tooth decay.  This product can reverse tooth decay in the early stages and it works in two different ways:  It slows down mineral loss/replaces lost enamel and it keeps bacteria in the mouth from producing acid that wears away at the teeth. AZ Queen Creek Dentist 

To make sure you and your kids are getting the right amount of fluoride, there are several things to look for.  Drinking public tap water usually has fluoride in it.  When a person drinks water that contains fluoride it will reduce the risk for tooth decay from 20% to 40%. #martindental  Another great way to protect the teeth is to use a toothpaste that contains fluoride.  It will help protect against plaque and tartar buildup.  If your teeth need an extra boost of fluoride, your family dentist can help you out! 

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