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A mouth cyst is a thin sac filled with fluid located on the inside of the mouth.  It is known as a mucous cyst.  It is painless and harmless but can be very annoying having to feel a strange bump in your mouth every day. #martindental

This type of cyst usually will occur on the inside of the lips but can also form on the tongue, palate, cheeks, floor of the mouth or even around piercings.  When it is located on the floor of your mouth it is called ranula.  If it is on the gums it is called an epulis.  The sac will be bluish in color and will contain clear fluids.  Any dentist can usually diagnosis this type of cyst just by seeing it. AZ San Tan Valley Dentist Near Me

When a cyst forms on the lips, gums or inside of the cheeks it is believed to be sucking the tissue between your teeth.  Non intentionally sucking your cheeks or lips may prevent some cysts from forming, but they also can just appear at random. #smilewithconfidence

Treatment isn’t usually required, and the cyst usually will rupture on its own. AZ San Tan Valley Dentist Near Me  Always continue your usual home care routine.  If at anytime the cyst becomes uncomfortable or irritated, interferes with chewing or doesn’t go away after a couple of weeks, it’s time to visit your dentist.  A sterile needle will be used to open the top of the cyst, the fluid will be drained from it and it will eventually go away. 

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