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Who doesn’t love a sugar laced food item?  We aren’t the only ones who love it!  The bacteria in your mouth does, too!  A great way to combat the sugar is to eat more nonacidic foods that can help to avoid enamel wear while also keep your mouth healthy. 

Tooth Erosion  AZ San Tan Valley Family Dentist 

This is the wearing away and weakening of tooth enamel, the usual culprit is acid in the mouth.  Acids are found in carbonated drinks (soda, even diet!), fruit juices, fresh fruits and wine.  There are also conditions like acid reflux or bulimia that can result in acid damaging the enamel. 

When the enamel is worn away, tooth sensitivity may happen when eating hot, cold or sweet foods and drinks.  The edges of your teeth can also seem transparent or the teeth can even get a yellowish tint.  AZ San Tan Valley Family Dentist 

If you start to notice any signs or symptoms of tooth erosion, it’s time to talk to your dentist.  According to the ADA, erosion can give bacteria a chance to do some serious damage, causing cavities or even infections.   

pH Explained

The pH scale, ranging from 0 to 14, is a way to measure the level of acidity of a substance.  This is with food, liquid or saliva.  Any substance that falls below a pH of 7 is considered acidic.  Those above a 7 are alkaline. #smilewithconfidence

The body’s normal pH level is just above 7.  It can change when you consume high concentrations of acidic foods or drinks.  What is promising though, if you eat a more alkaline food after an acidic one, you can bring the pH in your mouth to a natural level before any damage is done!  #martindental An example:  eating a piece of cheese with or after an acidic fruit like grapes. 

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