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If you are scheduled to have a tooth extraction, you are probably wondering what to expect.  Today, with modern procedures and following your dentists’ recommendations after tooth extraction, you can expect it to be rather smooth. #smilewithconfidence

First, your dentist will numb the area to lessen any discomfort you may feel.  After the tooth has been extracted, your dentist will advise you of what post extraction regimen you need to follow.  A small amount of bleeding is usually normal. Affordable Dentist Near Me Queen Creek AZ

You want to avoid anything that might prevent healing.  No smoking, rinsing your mouth vigorously or drinking through a straw at least for 24 hours.  Any of these activities can dislodge the clot and delay the healing process. 

For the first few days after your tooth extraction, if you need to rise, rise gently afterwards.  If you have pain or swelling, apply a cold cloth or an ice bag.  You can ask your dentist about pain medication if you feel it is necessary.  Brush and floss your other teeth as usual, but do not clean the teeth next to the tooth socket. Affordable Dentist Near Me Queen Creek AZ

Dry socket is a condition that can sometimes happen after a tooth is extracted.  If the socket is slow to heal, this condition can be very painful for 3 to 5 days. 

#martindental Treatment may include cleaning the site and placing a medical dressing in the socket.  This helps with pain.  The dressing may be changed daily until the pain is gone and the socket begins to heal.  A nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug like aspirin or ibuprofen may be prescribed.  Smoking or any tobacco use can delay healing and should be avoided. 

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