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Feeling nervous about going to the dentist?  You are not alone!  So many people feel nervous, have anxiety, or are just plain fearful of going to the dentist.  The good news is, there are ways to combat this to make your future dental appointments better. Affordable Dentist in Queen Creek AZ


  1.  Distract Yourself

When you can take your mind off the exam, you will find so much more peace.  It may seem impossible when you are nervous, but it can happen!  Here are some things that can help distract your thoughts.

  • Headphones—If the drill sounds bother you, bring headphones to the appointment.  You can listen to your favorite music or even audiobook.  If you do some research, you may even find a dental office that has televisions or DVD’s in the room to help distract you.  Affordable Dentist in Queen Creek AZ
  • Occupy your hands---bring a stress ball!  Squeeze the ball or maybe bring a small handheld object like a fidget spinner to keep your hands busy.
  • Use your imagination---Find your happy place and visualize it!  Maybe its relaxing at the beach or walking around in a beautiful garden. 
  1.  Use Mindfulness Techniques #martindental

Being relaxed and staying relaxed will start in the mind.  Try some deep breathing exercises to help you relax and relieve the tension in your muscles.

  • Try counting your breaths.  Inhale slowly and then exhale.  Do these 5 times, counting every time.  This helps when you are waiting for your appointment or during the actual exam. 
  • Concentrate on relaxing your muscles, thinking about one body part at a time. #smilewithconfidence  Start with your head and then work your way down to your toes.  If you feel tension in your forehead, start there.  Then move onto relaxing your cheeks, neck, and then down the rest of your body. 
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