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When speaking of the mouth, the two main parts are the gums and teeth.  Their function we can easily take for granted, that is, until the mouth is in pain.  Whether it is sensitive gums or sensitive teeth, either can lead to you experience some major discomfort.  Here are the differences between the two and some steps to help alleviate the pain.  Best Affordable Dentist Near Me Queen Creek AZ

Gum Sensitivity

It is exactly what it sounds like.  Irritation of some form is originating from the gums.  If you suspect your have gum sensitivity, start looking for some specific symptoms to be positive.  Gum sensitivity can be happening because of gingivitis, which is the first stage of gum disease. #smilewithconfidence Some signs are swollen and tender gums, gums that bleed easily, and bad breath.  When gingivitis progresses into advanced gum disease, the gums will begin to recede. 

Dealing with this issue is usually brought on by poor dental hygiene.  Plaque in the main culprit of this sensitivity because it builds up along the gumline and when left untreated, it can progress to advanced gum disease.  Additional causes could be diabetes, tobacco use, pregnancy or even something as simple as crooked teeth. #martindental

Tooth Sensitivity

This has a few common symptoms of its own.  If you are wincing when you brush or floss a certain tooth, experience pain when you eat or drink something cold, hot, acidic or sweet….you are experiencing tooth sensitivity.  Best Affordable Dentist Near Me Queen Creek AZ

It can have smaller dental causes as well, and the pain can be similar to gum pain.  Cavities, tooth fractures, receding gums, worn tooth enamel, exposed tooth dentin, loose fillings and gum disease can all be a factor.  You could be brushing with to much force, or grinding your teeth.  Both of these actions can create sensitivity. 

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