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If you have a root canal, there is a possibility of it failing.  There are several reasons why. 

If the bacteria is not completely removed from the canals of the tooth, it can multiply and cause pain.  Bacteria can also reinfect a tooth if a permanent filling happened to not be placed soon after the root canal treatment.  A temporary filling or a poorly placed permanent filling can break down or even leak.  #martindental  This will allow bacteria to get back into the canal. 

It is possible that a dentist isn’t able to locate all the canals in a tooth.  This happens when a tooth has more than the typical number of canals for the type of tooth they are performing a root canal on.  The bacteria in the unfilled canal will just multiple and start to cause you pain. Best Affordable Dentist Near Me San Tan Valley AZ

When a patient has to have a repeat root canal it can be more involved and take more time then the first one did. #smilewithconfidence The crown will have to be removed, along with the post and core and the filling material before another root canal can begin.  Some people who need another treatment can have infections that are just difficult to control. 

A second root canal may be harder for some than others.  An example: a bit to risky to remove a post and core.  The post that is in the tooth can be cemented or set in tightly.  If this happens, the tooth could be fractured in the process.  Best Affordable Dentist Near Me San Tan Valley AZ  Your dentist may opt to do endodontic surgery instead. 

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