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Even though the baby teeth are temporary, they are still essential to the eventual eruption of your child’s permanent teeth. #smilewithconfidence These baby teeth play an essential role in helping kids learn to speak and chew food for nourishment.  But another crucial role they play is saving space for their adult teeth.  So, if your child has a badly decayed primary tooth, having a stainless steel crown is their best solution.  Best Affordable Dentist San Tan Valley AZ

There are many parents who believe the baby teeth wont be in the mouth for long.  But the truth is, those little chompers will need to functional for quite some time.  Your child’s first baby tooth will erupt around 6 months of age.  But the age of two, all 20 teeth should be in.  Children will begin to lose a few baby teeth by the age of 6, all their teeth wont come out until the age of 12 or 13.  These teeth need to stay healthy until they fall out naturally.  This will help the permanent teeth grow into the proper position.  This will reduce the chance of your child needing extensive orthodontic treatment later. Best Affordable Dentist San Tan Valley AZ

It’s not just their size that makes them different from permanent teeth, the enamel layer isn’t as thick either.  The inner pulp portion, which is blood vessels and nerves is much larger and much closer to the surface.  #martindental The decay can spread through the enamel and affect the pulp much more quickly than it would a permanent tooth.  Because of this reason, when a cavity is first discovered, your dentist will want to repair it with a filling to avoid having to do any complex treatments. 

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