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In the midst of all the new steps of having a child: potty training, new words and developing……parents often forget to be proactive about preventing toddler tooth decay.  As soon as that first tooth surfaces, tooth decay can start to develop. #smilewithconfidence This all usually starts around 6 months of age.  Below are some tips and advice on how to keep your child’s new teeth clean and healthy! 

Daily Oral Care

Your toddler may have fewer teeth then you do, but this doesn’t mean that his teeth require less care!  The ADA recommends that when the first tooth emerges, it’s time to begin brushing twice a day.  Use a small toothbrush and just water.  After age 2, you can upgrade to brushing his teeth with a small amount of fluoride toothpaste.  And flossing is just as important, too!  This can happen as soon as there are 2 teeth that touch each other. Best Children's Dentist Queen Creek AZ

Regular Dental Visits

The first dental appointment should happen no later than the 1st birthday.  After that, schedule dental appointments every 6 months, unless your dentist tells you otherwise.  Why are they so important for toddlers?  #martindental Your dentist can help determine your child’s risk for cavities, look for signs of decay and also discuss habits like thumb sucking and pacifier use. 

Eating/Drinking Habits

Best Children's Dentist Queen Creek AZ  It may seem tempting to give your toddler milk or juice to help him fall asleep, this common practice can be harmful.  The ADA reports that any form of sustained expose to drinks that contain sugar can contribute to tooth decay.  To prevent damage, don’t let your child get into the habit of needing a bottle for bedtime or always needing to drink from a sippy cup.  If your toddler is already accustomed to this, start filling the bottle of cup with water instead! 

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