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A child or adult can benefit from sealants.  The earlier you can get them, the better.  The first molars usually erupt around age 6, while the second molars will break through around the age of 12.  When these teeth are sealed as soon as they come in, you have the best chance of keeping them cavity-free.  This will help you save money and time.  Make sure to ask your dentist if sealants are a good option for you or someone in your family. Best Cosmetic Dentist Near Me Queen Creek AZ


Having sealants applied is a very quick and painless process.  The tooth will be cleaned and dried before placing the acidic gel on the teeth.  The gel will rough up the tooth surface, making it ready for a strong bong to be able to be formed between the tooth and the sealant. #martindental  After just a few seconds, the gel will be rinsed off and the tooth will be dried once more.  The sealant is then applied onto the grooves of the tooth.  A special blue light is then used to harden the sealant. 


Sealants can be used over an area that shows signs of early decay.  This can prevent any further damage to the tooth.  Some sealants are clear, so your dentist could keep an eye on the tooth to make sure the dental sealant is doing its job. Best Cosmetic Dentist Near Me Queen Creek AZ


There are no side effects of dental sealants unless there is an allergy to the sealant itself.  There is a tiny amount of BPA in sealants, but not enough to cause you or someone you love any harm. Give us a call so you can #smilewithconfidence.  

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