Best Dental Care for Cracked Teeth Chandler, AZ


People can get cracked teeth for so many reasons, and it is terrible when they experience the excruciating pain they sense when they bite on something. This is similar to sensitive teeth, but the reasons for this and the treatments are very different.

Read on to learn how they happen, and why your local dentist may end up recommending implants as their best crack tooth dental care Chandler, AZ, as the best solution to your dental problems.


What Determines a Cracked Tooth?

Fractures are slight cracks in the tooth. It is rampant disease and is a significant cause of tooth replacement. You can see here some unique types of fissures that can occur in your teeth.

You can find them because broken cusps appear around a tooth filling, and because they do not interfere with the tooth nerve, the pain is minimal. Better yet, the crack lines or tiny cracks that appear in the tooth enamel. You find that these do not cause pain or that treatment is necessary.

One of the worst is a split tooth, i.e., you have a tooth that comprises two parts. When it is large, it causes pain, and they cannot save the tooth, even when you have a vertical crack that runs from top to bottom. When it crosses the gum line, they must extract the tooth.


Reasons for Chandler, AZ Dental Care, and Teeth Fractures

There are many explanations of why this happens. These include some that occur more frequently, some that involve extensive treatment, and your local dentist may offer the best dental implant solution for the best dental care.

  • When you have an accident while doing sports, you can get a pat on the mouth. Teeth that are not lost often end up with cracks or fissures.
  • Biting into hard objects like sweets or opening beer bottles with your mouth are two ways to break your teeth
  • Large fillings can leave the surrounding tooth weakened
  • With increasing age, the teeth become weaker.


Ultimate Solutions for Cracks in Teeth Chandler, AZ

When you have had a severe accident, have a mouth full of large accumulated fillings, or are over fifty years old, the recommended treatment may be dental implants for your best dental care.

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