Best Dental Care with Chandler, AZ Dentist Can Help Stains

Have you always wanted a beautiful smile, or have you noticed that your teeth have discolored with age?

While it may be easy to buy teeth whitening kits at the supermarket, they are not as useful as what your local dentist can do.

One or two visits are enough to find out the best routine for a perfect smile. Although not everyone can get a perfect smile, your local dentist has many options for achieving the ideal smile.

Here you can read more about tooth stains and what your Chandler, AZ tooth-whitening expert can do to help.


Chandler, AZ Dentist Explains Foods That Stains

The reasons for stains on the teeth can be because of many reasons, though the common ones are what we eat and drink. Here are the primary reasons our teeth end up colors we don’t like, and we need to see our tooth-whitening specialist Chandler, AZ.

  • Drinks like caffeine, tea, alcoholic beverages, and soft drinks
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco.
  • Age-induced tooth coloring
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic tooth staining
  • Insufficient dental hygiene such as inadequate brushing or flossing


How Do I Prevent Teeth Staining?

Implementing an effective oral hygiene program at home will be the first step. If you find that food and drinks stain your teeth, you can circumvent them, or you can brush your teeth afterward.

Reduce your consumption of tobacco products or take these discolorations as an opportunity to avoid them altogether.  

If you have done this, you will need to brush your teeth twice a day, rinse them with an excellent mouthwash, and floss after eating to remove all traces of food from slight gaps in your teeth.

Why Seniors Teeth Stains

As you age, the enamel on your teeth thins. When you see it, the natural yellow color becomes visible. They call this dentin.

While there are a plethora of whitening products available on the market, like bleaching toothpaste, there’s no better way to whiten teeth than to call your local dental hygienist, Chandler, AZ. This is something you should do.


Finding a Stained Tooth Dental Expert in Chandler, AZ

There are many ways your local dentist can help you, and these will vary from patient to patient. Occasionally, they may use one of the various veneers that hide the discoloration.


In certain instances, if there are more immediate issues, and a healthy cleaning regimen doesn’t help, it might be time for an ultimate solution.


Dental implants can solve problems with teeth and can mean no more tooth pain or less discoloration and become a thing of the past.


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