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Fillings differ in complexity and material.  Many are direct, meaning they position them directly into the cavity.  Some are indirect, meaning an impression is made of the tooth, and the dentist will create a custom filling to fit it. 

If you were given this shocking news during your last dental appointment, it needs a new filling. 

You’ll be happy to know that the number of cavities and fillings is declining as more people can take better care of their teeth, even though it still happens.  Wonderful news is there are now more unique kinds of fillings for teeth than ever before.

If restorative dentistry is advisable, consider what is within reach so you can make the best decision for your oral cavity. Here you can learn more about how your local Chandler, AZ family dental expert deals with fillings when it is the best option.


Best Chandler, AZ Dental Pro Can Do Fillings for Everyone

Dentists continue to use these types of fillings as they have for over 150 years, so we often see them as a classic option.  They make a filling of a mixture of metals containing about 50% mercury, following tin, copper, silver, or zinc. 

Compared to other fillings, amalgam fillings have many advantages: they are cheapest and are strong. However, they have their drawbacks.  They are silver and become darker.  That means when you open your mouth; they become distinctive.  The FDA lists mercury levels in fillings as safe for people over the age of six.


Composite Fillings Chandler, AZ Family Dentist

They make a composite dental filling of glass powder and acrylic resin.  There are certain advantages over amalgam fillings. 

It can be made to match the color of your current tooth.  When one seeks a natural-looking smile with confidence, a composite filling is a brilliant success.

The material, however, is less durable, and more suitable for a small filling, and preferable for teeth that experience moderate amounts of pressure when chewing. They compare this to teeth that handle most of the chewing action.  

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