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If you have dentures, denture adhesive can help to improve the fit of full or partial dentures.  While it can help, it isn’t always necessary.  Well-fitting dentures shouldn’t need help staying in, but some just like to use adhesive for security. 

If you feel you need adhesive, speak to your dentist first before trying. #martindental  Your dentist will want to ask you some questions before making that call.  Questions like, “Do you need the adhesive to be confident about their fit?” or “Why is the item loose to begin with?”  Your dentist may also want to know if there is another solution to provide better comfort.  When you visit your dentist regularly for checkups, recommendations can be made regarding how best to improve them along the way. 

Dentures are a form of cosmetic dentistry and are made by a dentist or prosthodontist.  Dentures replace any number of missing teeth and have to be removed every night to be cleaned.  They also should be left out of the mouth while you sleep. Best Dentist Queen Creek AZ

After some time, dentures can become loose because of changes in the bone and supporting gum tissue.  It recedes once the natural tooth is removed.  If your dentures are fitted right after the teeth are removed, denture adhesive may be needed for a limited time.  If your dentures are feeling fine and are properly maintained, denture adhesive may not be needed. Best Dentist Queen Creek AZ

Dental adhesive is available in many forms; pastes, powders and pads.  Most choose pastes. #smilewithconfidence With any product, read the label for directions before using.  If too much paste is used issues can arise. 

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