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If you have a child who is just getting their molars, it’s time to start thinking about protecting them!  Sealants are a great way to do that!  Here are a few more common questions and answers about dental sealants.


Why do the back teeth decay so easily?

The back teeth are rough and uneven.  This means they have small pits and grooves.  Food and germs get stuck in these pits and will stay there for a long time because toothbrushes can’t get it out. Best Dentist San Tan Valley AZ


Why Sealants?

As soon as the teeth come in, sealants should be placed!  This will protect them before the decay has a chance to attack the teeth.  The first permanent molars, the 6 year molars, will erupt between the ages of 5 and 7.  The second permanent molars, the 12 year molars, will erupt between the ages of 11 and 14 years old. These molars aren’t the only ones that can have sealants placed.  The premolars/bicuspids can be sealed as well.  If you have a teenager or even adults can have sealants placed as long as there isn’t any decay present. #smilewithconfidence


Should sealants be placed on baby teeth?

This would best be determined by your dentist.  He or she may think it’s a good idea if your baby’s teeth have deep pits or grooves. The baby teeth play an important role, even though they will fall out.  They keep the correct spacing, so it is important to keep them healthy so they do not fall out to early. Best Dentist San Tan Valley AZ


How are Sealants Placed?

First the tooth is cleaned. #martindental Then it is dried. Cotton or some other material will then be placed around the tooth so that is stays dry.  A solution is then placed on the tooth surface that makes the tooth a little rough.  This makes it a lot easier for the sealant to stick.  The tooth is then rinsed and dried and a new cotton is placed around the tooth to keep it dry.  Lastly, the sealant liquid is applied in liquid form and hardens in just a few seconds. 

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