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If a tooth is severely damaged, decayed or there is a serious infection, your dentist may want to do a root canal treatment.  This treatment is used to repair and save your tooth so that it doesn’t have to be removed. 

What is a Root Canal?  Best Dentist in Queen Creek AZ

The pulp, the soft tissue inside your mouth that has the nerves, blood vessels and also provides nourishment to the tooth can become infected.  Here are some ways it gets infected:

  • A deep cavity
  • A dental procedure that has had to be repeated, disturbing the tissue repeatedly
  • Cracked or fractured tooth  #martindental
  • Injury to the tooth (even when there are no signs of cracks or chips)

If a tooth goes untreated, the tissue around the root of the tooth can become infected.  If this happens, pain and swelling may occur and an abscess may form inside the tooth or in the bone around the root of the tooth.  Infections can also put you at risk for losing the tooth completely. Best Dentist in Queen Creek AZ

A root canal can not be done during a regular check up visit.  Your dentist will want to schedule a follow up appointment or may even refer you to a dentist who specializes in the pulp and tissues surrounding the teeth.  This type of specialist is called an Endodontist. 

#sweetwaterdentist Root canal treatments usually take 1 or 2 office visits to complete.  There shouldn’t be much pain because your dentist will use local anesthesia.  Once complete, you should not feel the pain you felt before having the procedure done. 

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