Best Root Canal Dental Care Near Me Chandler, AZ

When a person visits their local Chandler, AZ dentist for endodontic treatment, they are going for a root canal, just under a different name.

Root Canals are done every day in the dental world, but it doesn’t mean you will have had one. The skilled dentist tends to the soft pulp tissue, which is deep inside the tooth. While it is a standard procedure, they only do this so they can preserve the tooth where it would otherwise be lost.

Even still, there can be many questions. Carry on reading about root canals and best dental care near me, Chandler, AZ


How Long Does a Root Canal Take in Chandler, AZ?

The actual procedure can often be completed in one session, yet the entire steps take a couple of visits. For one, there are x-rays and dental scans they will make.  

Once your best dental care root canal expert, Chandler AZ, knows the extent of what he has to do, then he can complete the procedure in one sitting.


What Happens in a Root Canal?

He will numb the area that is around the tooth that needs a root canal.  This will keep you comfortable during the treatment.

Your best dental care dentist will create an opening in the top of your tooth with a small drill. The nerve is removed, and although this generally doesn’t cause pain, there can be lots of force as he works inside your tooth.

He cleans all areas inside the tooth, and then your dentist may choose to treat the tooth with germ-killing medicine.

The last stage is to fill the tooth, so no air or bacteria can get inside. On some occasions, your local root canal dentist may place a temporary filling if there is a better permanent restoration being made.


Finding Root Canal Dentist Chandler, AZ

When you have root canals, it is the best dental care Chandler; AZ dental experts can do to save your tooth. 

Saving your tooth means you can smile with confidence; however, a root canal does kill the tooth, and over time, it may discolor and need more extensive work.


It could be an implant at this stage, but even with an implant, there is nothing, which looks and feels like your natural teeth.  Your root canal dentist will always try to save your teeth, and if you want more information about root canals or any other family dental treatments, contact Martin Dental. Alternatively, fill in the quick form for rapid response.

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