Can a Chandler, AZ Dentist Stop Abscess Pain

A mouth infection may not appear to be much, yet in the current situation, no person wishes to have any underlying conditions.

A tooth abscess can be painful and is caused by a bacterial infection, which produces a sack of pus on the peak of the tooth root.  

A tooth abscess may affect anyone, irrespective of age. Such is the pain if it leads many individuals to ask. Can my Chandler, AZ dentist, stop abscess pain

Such infections may spread around the body and result in more challenging conditions, such as inflammation of the arteries; this leads to complications that are more significant.

Here are a few things to know about abscesses; and how to get your healthy smile back.


What are the signs of an abscess?

You can have an abscess of the tooth without visible symptoms, and you only find out if you go to the dentist nearby and take an X-ray of the tooth.

While pain and swelling are an early indication of tooth abscesses, you may also have lymph node swelling, chewing discomfort, and unusual taste in your mouth.  

Gum abscesses can appear as small pimples, and when you apply pressure, it forces the puss out. However, if you don’t feel pain, it means the abscess is draining away, and there is no pressure.  

This could cause a problem because it drains into your bloodstream.


What Will a Chandler AZ Dentist Do for Abscesses?

Your local dentist will want to identify and remove the infection in the first place. Your local family dentist may tap on your teeth during the examination.

This is a speedy way to determine if you have an abscess without being seen, some dentists may refer you to an endodontist for further treatment; however, Chandler’s best dentist specializes in this area, so you are in the right place   

They can prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection, but they can’t stop the problem. The most likely result will be a tooth extraction by the family dentist.


Family Dentist Finding in Chandler, AZ

Depending on the severity of the abscess, it is necessary to perform a dental procedure to dry it before taking any other action. The next step may be a root canal procedure, in which the inside of the tooth is cleaned of infection, and the root of the tooth is removed.

The tooth is dead, and for a prolonged period, it may require extensive work, if you have lost many teeth, or you have several that have had root canal treatments.

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