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For many people, losing teeth can cause them to lack self-confidence or even ashamed. The omission of dentures results in disastrous repercussions, like bone loss, which keeps the full facial structure intact. Unfortunately, if you lose any teeth, they won't grow back again.

The lack of teeth may lead to migration and misalignment of the surviving teeth, which leads to other oral health issues. One person can help, and that is your local restorative dentistry specialist in Chandler, AZ


Chandler, AZ Dentist Gives Lost Teeth a Crown

Depending on the harshness of the issue, your local Chandler, AZ, restorative dentist can apply diverse techniques to restore lost or decayed teeth and therefore prevent oral health risks. A local dentist has several restorative dental procedures that can help restore a genuine smile. These include crowns, bridges, dentures, and dental implants.

Crowns are tooth-shaped caps that are placed on the ground as part of a tooth. In this way, the size, shape, and position of the tooth are restored. Crowns are sustainable solutions and function like one of your real teeth, although not invincible. You must care for them like your real teeth, because the underlying tooth can still become decayed if you do not care for them.


Fill Large Gaps with Bridges by Chandler, AZ Restorative Dentist

A bridge is an additional dental procedure that fills the holes created by the absence of several teeth. These bridges comprise two crowns with artificial teeth between them. They connect the two crowns to the remaining teeth, and the prosthetic teeth fill in the voids.

Bridges are less expensive than dental implants, but they do complex work on the natural teeth to make them anchor points.

Although bridges restore the ability to chew and speak properly and maintain the shape of your face. However, they can, over time, damage natural teeth. To some extent, this decay requires further work, which a bridge cannot do.


Chandler, AZ Best Dentist Offers Ultimate Solutions

Dental implants are the ultimate solution for patients are at the denture stage.

Implants are screwed into the jawbone and then a full arch of teeth is connected to it. Once patients are accustomed to the sensation, they do not feel any discomfort when eating or talking, and the teeth do not slip like dentures.


These dental implants stay in the mouth like real teeth. Your dentist who specializes in dental implants will advise you on a regular oral hygiene program, even if they are not real teeth. Gums can always be at risk, so prevention is the best way to care for them.

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