Chandler, AZ Dentist Near Me & Tooth Abscess

If you have any sign of a tooth abscess, you quickly find how painful these can become. Unfortunately, there is no age for who can see they have a tooth abscess. While the pain can be unbearable, and this alone can prompt many to hunt for their local affordable dentist.

The problem is the health risks that come with an abscess that isn't tended to. These infections can spread around the body and lead to more severe conditions, such as artery inflammation; this in itself can lead to cardiovascular disease.

Here are a few things you should know about a tooth abscess, and why it is vital to visit your Chandler, AZ dentist near me.


What Causes a Tooth Abscess?

There are many reasons you can get an abscess. You find many such mouth infections come from gum disease, cavities, or a dental injury.

Teeth contain pulp, which comprises tissue, nerves, and blood vessels.

If you have an abscess in one tooth, these have the potential to spread to other neighboring teeth. Because of this, a trip to your Chandler, AZ dentist near me is even more critical.

You can feel pain and swelling as the first signs of tooth abscesses. You may also feel pain in your mouth when eating, and a strange taste in your mouth. If you can see a sore on your gum, they may look like a small pimple, and if you apply pressure, this forces puss out.

You can have a tooth abscess with no noticeable traces, and it is only when you visit the dentist near me, and you have an x-ray. If you don't have pain, this means the abscess has been leaking puss, and there is no pressure. This can create a complication because this will tap into your bloodstream.


Finding the Right Dentist Near Me Chandler, AZ

Drainage of the abscess may need to be done before any other measures are taken, depending on the severity of the abscess. A root canal can be the next step where the inside of the tooth is cleaned of the infection, and the root of the tooth is removed.

At this point, the tooth is mostly dead and may require extensive work over a prolonged period, especially if many teeth have been lost, or you have several that have had root canal treatments.

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