Chandler, AZ Dentist Near Me for Cavities

The number of dental caries and the demand for fillings decreases as people are better able to care for their teeth, although this continues to happen. The delightful news is that there are more options for your dental care than ever before.

Fillings can vary in their complexity and the materials used.  Some are placed directly into the cavity, while others are indirect, i.e. tooth impressions are taken, and a custom-made filling is made that fits into the hole. 

When restorative dentistry is recommended, you ought to know precisely what is accessible to you to make the best decision for your oral cavity.

If you received this terrible news at your last dentist appointment, you would need a new filling. Read on to see how visiting your local Chandler, AZ dentist near me for cavities can help your dental care.


Classic Fillings from Best Dentist Near Me in Chandler, AZ

The FDA stipulates that the levels of mercury in dental fillings are safe for people older than six years, which we consider the classic option of filling. Dentists have been using such fillers for one hundred and fifty years or more.

They make such fillings from a metal mixture containing roughly 50% mercury, which is followed by tin, copper, silver, or zinc.

In comparison with other types of fillings, amalgam has several advantages: they are the least expensive and have high strength and durability. However, they have flaws.  They are silvery and darken with time.  Which means when you open your mouth, you can see them. 


Family Dentist Near Me Chandler, AZ for Composite Fillings

They produce these tooth fillings from glass powder and acrylic resins.  Compared to amalgam fillings, it has certain advantages.  When looking for a natural smile with confidence, then a composite filling is very useful. We can match them to the color of a person’s current teeth. However, the material is not always the right choice because it is not very durable.

It is perfect for minor fillings and best suited to teeth that are facing moderate pressure while chewing, compared to teeth that handle most of the chewing process.

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