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Removal of wisdom teeth is done to prevent infection, damage to the surrounding teeth, and bone loss. A wisdom tooth or a third molar may erupt at some point in the late teens or the early twenties.

A local specialist in wisdom tooth extraction, Chandler, AZ, may say that you need wisdom teeth extraction. Failure to follow the advice regarding wisdom teeth can lead to problems of spacing and alignment, and much more.

Continue reading to see why this process is not as bad as you think are and why you shouldn't postpone these extractions.


What Happens With Wisdom Teeth in Extraction?

The molars, which are often called wisdom teeth, is the last tooth in the mouth. The molars, two above and two below, are known as wisdom teeth because they don't erupt until you get older, generally in late adolescence or early twenties. 

The signs of growth for wisdom teeth are very similar to all other incisors when they erupt. It is possible to notice sensitive, red, swollen gums in the affected area. Few people may develop jaw pain, bad breath, and a bad taste in the mouth or problems opening the mouth. 

When properly developed, wisdom teeth can help chew food. Many people do not need to have their teeth removed for this reason. There are several different reasons why it may be necessary to remove the wisdom teeth.


What Happens if I Keep My Teeth

There is a great deal of talk on wisdom teeth and about how to tell when to remove them; however, there are many cases where extraction is the best approach to prevent long-term difficulties.

If you choose not to remove your wisdom teeth, you can be open to unnecessary pain and expensive treatment down the road.


Dental Care in Chandler with Tooth Extraction

When you have worn braces in the past, you will certainly not want them any longer. Wisdom teeth may ruin your smile with confidence that you spent so much time improving.

Unless you have enough room for these back molars, you may end up with serious problems. Space problems are likely to affect surrounding teeth also. If the teeth are too close together to allow you to floss between them, what happens?

Leftovers and bacteria accumulate inside, and that means possible tooth decay. You will not only require additional dental treatment, but you may lose many more teeth.  


Where to find a Chandler, AZ Wisdom Tooth Expert

You may have even worse problems such as developing cysts, and in some cases, untreated cysts can result in tumors requiring further surgery. Removing wisdom teeth never sounds comfortable, but the alternatives are worse. If you are in pain or your teeth are just erupting, and you think you have no room.

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