Chandler, AZ Implants Deliver a Permanent Smile

Your mouth will bear many teeth. However, once you are missing one, life becomes heavy for you. Many factors depend on which tooth is missing and how your local dentist can replace it. For people who lack a significant number of teeth, the consequences are far worse, and life may become unbearable.

Dentures can be one solution, but patients often experience intolerable effects after a while. Here we will see how dental implants help Chandler, AZ, to relieve this burden.


What is a Dental Implant?

Once you lose a tooth because of gum disease, injuries, or the tooth root, no longer stimulates trauma, including cavities, your jawbone. As your body adapts, it no longer sends vital nutrition and calcium to that portion of the body that previously required it, and so the jawbone gradually deteriorates.

Over time, this deterioration causes facial structure loss, and your cheeks may become indented and hollow.

Dental implants screw down into the jawbone and generate the stimulation required by the jawbone in this region. Your face will not start contracting around this area.


What Kinds of Dental Implants are There?

While there are several types of dental implants, which your local dentist can recommend, it depends on tooth loss. Below, I summarize the examples you can find.


  • Dental crowns: They crown these implants with a ceramic cap. They will replace one tooth.
  • Dental bridges: This involves inserting two dental implants on both sides of the gap in the jaw. Between them is the bridge on which it supports the new teeth.
  • Dental implants with a full dental arch: These are the ultimate solution for patients with extensive tooth loss. They use four implants, which they place in optimal positions to connect to the jaw. They place a full dental arch with prosthetic teeth on top of them. This technology comes closest to real teeth that a patient can have.


Chandler, AZ Dental Expert Fits Implants for the Long-term Solution

Patients discover a myriad of advantages when inserting these implants. While feeling and behaving like regular teeth, they still support the face through active bone stimulation.

They also help create the smile with confidence everyone aspires to, and the bonus is these implants can survive any other form of dental treatment.

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