Chandler, AZ Kid Dentist, and Tooth Erosion

Tooth erosion can begin at an early age. What starts as an annoyance can stem into a severe issue. If kids have their full set of second teeth, then there will be an issue at such a young age.

While many parents want to keep their kids happy and succumb to the wants of sodas and candy, parents do need to understand it isn't helping the situation.  Here, parents may be thinking about a Chandler, AZ kid dentist and tooth erosion and how to deal with it.

Read on for more information on the subject.



What is Tooth Erosion, and How Will it Affect Kids?


Tooth enamel is a dense mineral that surrounds the crown of every tooth. Tooth enamel protects the tooth from foreign substances that can hurt it, such as sugar and acid.

The tooth enamel a kid dentist tries to preserve has several features:

  • The thickest tooth enamel ever gets, is a couple of millimeters
  • It can vary in color from bluish, white or a grayish color
  • It is the body's hardest substance


The problem with this for younger kids is that it never grows back. Once it has gone, it is gone for good. Even with chips and cracks, your local Chandler, AZ dentist can fix these, yet there is no chance for that part of the tooth ever to return.


What Leads to Loss of Enamel on Teeth?

The primary culprit is acid in the mouth. Over time, it eats away and will, at some stage, leave the tooth with no protection, and it will be vulnerable to decay.


The acid in the mouth can come from a few different areas.

  • Genetics - parents can pass down this trait
  • Bruxism - grinding of teeth
  • Dry mouth
  • Acid Reflux, and more.


What are the Main Causes of Tooth Decay?

It doesn't matter how often a Chandler, AZ kid dentist will try to educate parents of the causes of their child's tooth erosion, they hardly seem to take note, and still, there are fillings and extractions from the family dentist.


Here is a quick breakdown of things responsible

  • Sodas: Sugar and mouth bacteria combine to create acid that attacks the teeth with each sip.
  • Fruit Juice: Not as bad as soda, yet fruit juices are high in sugar and creates high amounts of acid
  • Sugary snacks: Added sugars to make things taste nice are bad. Chewy things like some candy are bad as it sticks to your teeth. All added sugars are as bad as each other.
  • Starchy snacks: Carb heavy foods like chips, bread, and crackers can produce acid as they stick inside the mouth.


Dealing with Tooth Erosion and Decay with Your Chandler, AZ Kid Dentist

No matter what degree your kid has with erosion or decay, you do need to take them to your local dentist.

While it may be they have gone too far, and your children are in for their first filling, the best dentist in the area will do all they can to save the affected tooth or teeth.

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