Chandler, AZ Wisdom Teeth Extraction Basics

If you suffer from wisdom teeth issues, it can be worrying about what your dentist will say, much of this depends on the age you are. Like any tooth, the last thing you want to hear is having your tooth pulled.

If you have never had this before, all you can think about is the pain everyone says there is, because wisdom teeth are much larger than most other teeth.

Right up to the moment you enter the local dentist’s surgery, you will be wondering. What will happen with wisdom teeth extraction?

Read on to find out what your local professional dentist will do when they have to pull your wisdom tooth.


What Happens in a Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

An extraction merely means the removal of a wisdom tooth. If an extraction is needed, your local Chandler, AZ Affordable Dentist first numbs the area to reduce any discomfort you may feel.  They can also offer sedation because of the size of the tooth.

This way, you will not hear, see, or feel anything, and you will be in the utmost comfort.

You will be instructed on how to proceed after extraction.  In most cases, slight bleeding is quite reasonable.  The mouth will gradually fill the bone in which the tooth has been rooted by forming a blood clot. 


Chandler, AZ Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recovery

Here are some ways to make recovery easier:

  1.  Avoid anything that could prevent your body from healing
  2.  Do not smoke
  3.  Do not rinse your mouth vigorously
  4.  Stay away from using a straw for the first 24 hours
  5.  If your dentist suggests a diet, follow it
  6. For the early few days, if you need to rinse, do so very gently. 

If you feel any swelling, use a cold cloth or ice pack and call your dentist immediately.  You can also take a pain reliever.

Your Chandler, AZ wisdom tooth extraction dentist, will advise you what to take and how often.  You can brush and floss as usual, but do not clean the teeth near where the tooth was removed.

It is important to remember that having an extraction, with today’s modern procedures and follow up care, is available for your benefit and comfort!

If you wish to learn more, contact Martin Dental or fill in the form, and one of the staff can reach out before your dentist can advise and help you through the entire process.

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