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Toothache pain is debilitating, and if you think a crown can’t cause you pain, you may be surprised.  Tooth crown pain does exist.  If your dental crown is bringing you discomfort, whether it’s a new pain or an old one, you need to get it sorted out before you will find relief. #martindental 

Causes of Tooth Crown Pain

There are a number of reasons crowns can cause pain.  If the crown was placed without a root canal procedure to remove the tooth pulp, the crown could be putting pressure on the nerves. #smilewithconfidence  If your bite isn’t perfectly aligned, this can cause pain.  If grinding the teeth are happening during sleep, you could be pressing down on any high spots, which causes the crown to hurt.  Fillings can cause pain, especially if they were made from silver.  Silver can leak resulting in bacteria infecting the nerve root. Chandler Dentist Near Me AZ

To know if you are grinding your teeth at home, there are somethings you can look out for.  Some symptoms can include a tight, painful jaw muscle when you wake up.  Long last pain, with swelling on the lower part of your face or jaw, or the sound of grinding waking you up while you sleep. 

Mouthguards can give you some relief.  Generic ones can be purchased at a drug store or online.  Take steps to reduce stress or anxiety, especially before bed.  Try relaxing your jaw muscles.  Use a warm moist washcloth on your cheeks. Chandler Dentist Near Me AZ

Make sure your mouth and gums are healthy and are free from bacteria.  Brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day.  Use antibacterial mouthwash which kills 99% of germs on contact. 

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