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Wearing new braces can be frightening because they are unusual, however, with a few easy instructions how to care for your mouth, considering your change in dental health, switching will be made easier. 

Braces help straighten crowded or crooked teeth and correct some other dental issues, like abnormal occlusion. Braces are not only important for cosmetic reasons.

Abnormal occlusion can cause further dental health problems, including dental decay or gingival diseases, losing teeth, problems with the jaw, enamel deterioration, and even an impact on speaking or mastication.

It is therefore so important to care for your teeth, when you have braces, for the maximum health of your teeth. Most importantly, you need to be very careful what you eat.

Besides general good dental health, brushing your teeth several times a day, flossing and regular visits to the dentist. Here you can find out what your family dentist Chandler, AZ will say on the subject of braces.


Chandler Dentist Tells You Foods to Avoid

Braces make cleaning your teeth difficult, and you have to brush after every meal, while flossing is challenging.

If you do not adapt your hygienic habits, you can have white spots referred to as decalcification, gingivitis or other difficulties.

  • Sugar foods; when you eat sugar, drink water to rinse out the sugar from your teeth or immediately brush them off
  • Sticky foods, like caramel and candy
  • Hard foods like nuts, chips, and hard candies and chewing gum
  • Hard vegetables
  • Avoid biting hard objects such as pens, pencils, nails and ice.


Dental Health Tips From Chandler Dental Clinic

Brush teeth a minimum of two times a day, for at least two minutes after every meal, electric toothbrushes are perfect to get to the tooth gaps with new braces.

While brushing your teeth, make sure you brush the teeth at the base of your gums, in the middle and back of your teeth, and also the brackets, ensuring you have places under the wires.

Replace your toothbrush once every three months, even more so because braces wear them down.

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