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Some groups tend to focus solely on teeth when maintaining oral health. However, it's crucial to pay attention to your gums as well. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of how gum disease's effects can harm one's health.

Gum illnesses are gum infections that harm the teeth' supporting bones and tissues. When plaque on the teeth and gum line is left untreated, it hardens and leads to fatal gum infections. Here you can see why your San Tan Valley Dentist is essential.


Gum diseases can typically be prevented by maintaining good oral hygiene and visiting the dentist regularly. However, if mistreated, people may experience many life-threatening diseases that impact their general health.


Gum Disease And General Health: Are They Related?

The door to improving overall health is through having good oral health. Severe health ailments like diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, Alzheimer's, asthma, osteoporosis, and cancer may develop because of oral health problems such as significant gum diseases. Over time, neglecting the gums can cause illness to spread across the entire grin.


Diabetes and Gum Conditions

Gum disease increases blood sugar levels and makes managing diabetes more challenging—the entire body malfunctions because of bacteria from infected gums leaking into the bloodstream. Therefore, maintaining good oral health is crucial to managing diabetes.


Heart Disease and Gum Disease

Infected gums may contain bacteria that seep into the circulation and move through the blood vessels, causing inflammation and the formation of tiny blood clots.

Heart attack and stroke risk could result from the illness. In addition, bacterial infections that travel through the blood and harm the heart valves are more likely to occur in those with poor oral health.

Kidneys And Gum Diseases

People with severe gum disease are more susceptible to chronic kidney failure. This chronic condition causes kidney dysfunction to worsen until renal failure sets in gradually.

Osteoporosis and Gum Disease

Unexpectedly, gum disease is a factor in bone loss. Gum tissue infection brought on by gum disease eventually damages the structure of the bones.

Osteoporosis and gum disease are related because the bacteria in the gums eat away at the bones and connective tissues that support the teeth. Osteoporosis may result from this loss of bone density.


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