Dental Veneers Queen Creek AZ


Veneers are a great option if you are looking to restore your naturally beautiful smile.  Veneers are made of a thin material that covers each tooth.  Decay, staining, or uneven bites make these porcelain veneers a quick way of getting the appearance you want. 

#martindental If you aren’t careful, damaging them can happen just as quick.  Veneers are not made from cemented dental material, therefor they aren’t indestructible.  Now that you know this, you may wonder how long veneers last?  This answer depends largely on how you take care of them.  What bad habits can affect your veneers?  Knowing this may help you extend their wear. Dental Veneers Queen Creek AZ

While there are two veneer types, porcelain veneers are generally sturdier and should last between 10 and 15 years as long as they are being properly cared for.  Depending on what type of damage happens, they may need some cosmetic repair or full replacement.  It is all up to the wearer to protect and increase their lifespan. Dental Veneers Queen Creek AZ

So what bad habits shorten the life of dental veneers?  Really, the same ones that damage your natural teeth!  Biting down on hard foods, like ice or hard candy, or biting on inedible items.  Veneers can stain as well, so watch exposure to coffee, wine and tea. #smilewithconfidence

Veneers are not mean to be a permanent maintenance-free fix.  But even with this, you need to treat them well to get the most out of them.  They are a large investment in your dental health, so making them last ensures you get your money’s worth! 

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