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When the time comes to have a cavity filled, it is important for you to remember that you have the right to decide, along with your dentist, what treatment and material is used.  Your dentist, #martindental,  will consider what material to use on a individual basis, usually taking into account the size and location of the cavity.  Cosmetic, how long we want it to last, insurance, and out of pocket costs are also some other factors that you will need to consider.  Talk to your dentist so that together you can choose the material that is best for you. Dentist in Queen Creek AZ

Here are some common dental filling options: #smilewithconfidence

  1. Composite Resin:  This is a tooth colored filling.  It’s a mixture of glass or quartz filler.  Its great for durability and resistance to fracture when used in small to mid-size fillings.  It can withstand moderate pressure from chewing and is used in the front or back of teeth. 
  2. Dental Amalgam:  This is often described as the “silver colored” filling.  It is made from a combination of metals that include mercury, silver, tin and copper.  It has been used for generations.  Its very durable and much more affordable than tooth-colored or gold fillings. Dentist in Queen Creek AZ
  3. Gold Fillings:  Also called inlays/onlays, composed of an allow of gold, copper and other metals.  It has been used in dentistry for over 1,000 years because of its durability.  Gold is more costly than amalgam and not as natural looking as a tooth-colored filling. 
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