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Tooth bonding happens when your dentist applies a composite resin to one or more teeth.  Bonding is used with discoloration or when physical damage had happened.  This plastic resin can be tooth-colored to blend in. #smilewithconfidence If you have chipped, fractured, discolored or decaying teeth, this cosmetic solution is a great way to improve your smile. 

An alternative to composite resin is veneer.  It is made from either porcelain or composite.  Porcelain is stronger, and requires molding to be taken before it can be manufactured.  Composites are less costly because of this.  Whether it is porcelain or composite, the veneer is bonded to the tooth using specific dental instruments. Family Dentist Near Queen Creek AZ


Composite bonding will not last as long as veneers, but you should get at least 10 years of wear.  You have to take proper care of your teeth an avoid hard candy, ice cubes, and anything else similar that can crack the composite material.  Another way your dentist will help you choose what bond is best is the area that needs bonding. #martindental  Composite resin is not near as strong as your natural enamel.  If you grind your teeth or your bite is off, this will limit their life span as well. 


Family Dentist Near Queen Creek AZ  Because bonding doesn’t provide the same strength as real teeth, you need to avoid certain habits.  Opening foods or packages with your teeth, chewing on pen caps or biting your fingernails are just a few examples.  There are also certain substances that can stain the bonding: coffee, tea and tobacco. 

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