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If you want your smile to be bright and beautiful, you have to take good care of your teeth.  When you slack on brushing and flossing, the oral care problems are just waiting.  Slacking on this leads to cavities and gum problems. #smilewithconfidence When your enamel is destroyed, this is what tooth decay looks like.  The bacteria that is in plaque produces acid, this is what destroys the enamel.  You can’t prevent plaque, it is ever forming on your teeth.  But you do have to always be on guard with plaque. 

So, when the damage has been done, can tooth decay be reversed?  Well, not always! But you can prevent it with good oral care.  Here are few tips that can help!  Gilbert Dentist Near Me AZ

Brush, Floss, Rinse, REPEAT

What you do every day is your first line of defense against tooth decay.  Plaque is every present, so it needs to be brushed away twice a day if you want to prevent decay.  Cleanings your teeth with floss will also rid your teeth of plaque that can’t be reached with a toothbrush and also remove leftover food particles.  If you don’t remove this, it turns to tartar, which you can’t remove.  Flossing will also reduce your risk of gum disease and cavities.  If you add mouthwash to your daily regimen, it can also help to reduce plaque and control decay.   


Gilbert Dentist Near Me AZ  If you want to keep your teeth healthy, fluoride is also essential.  It will help prevent tooth decay from getting any worse!  And when we talked about damage, it can also reverse mild decay! #martindental Fluoride works by preventing and replacing mineral loss in tooth enamel and also stopping bacteria from producing acid.  You need fluoride every day, and it can come from brushing with a fluoride toothpaste.  Rinse with a fluoride rinse….and you can even drink fluoride water!   

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