How Chandler, AZ Dentist Deals with Tongue Health?

It is simple to neglect an area that is a critical part of your dental care routine. Your tongue helps you speak, eat and taste. It is full of taste buds that let us taste and enjoy food.

As with your teeth and gums, you need to give your tongue some care and attention to keep it in a healthy state. Besides, the tongue can host countless bacteria.

At Martin Dental, we believe that the health of your entire mouth, including your tongue, affects your overall health.

Here, you can learn more about why your local family dentist Chandler, AZ, pays so much attention to your tongue during your dental visits.


Clean Your Tongue and Your Teeth

When brushing your teeth, remember to brush your tongue. Use a slight application of toothpaste on your brush and stroke from the rear to the front.

Doing so helps eliminate the bacteria that cause odor inside your mouth. However, know that too much pressure may damage your tongue, so brush carefully, as mentioned earlier.

Then rinse with water or warm saline solution to eliminate the dangerous bacteria from your tongue. Using a tongue scraper allows you to clean your tongue more effectively than a toothbrush.

They manufacture these tools from flexible plastic. You can use them to scrape away the slime and bacteria which grow on your tongue and may cause bad breath.

Be careful to rinse the scraper in warm water every time you use the tool to eliminate the bacteria. If you discover the scraper causes pain, use less pressure.


Make Sure Your Dental Expert Chandler; AZ Checks Your Tongue Color

The color of your tongue says a lot about the condition of your mouth. Healthy tongues should be a light pink and possibly a light white coating. Thick white coatings are signs of dehydration or perhaps a fungal infection.

A pale tongue can show a lack of vitamins. A bright red tongue could mean something more serious is going on, such as an infection or a blood or heart disease. So if you notice unusual color changes on your tongue, definitely make an appointment with us so we can check.

Staying hydrated is key to the overall health of all your body. Besides, drinking plenty of water helps wash away bacteria and food particles from both your teeth and tongue.

Therefore, be sure to drink plenty of water during the day, and after meals. Green tea can help eliminate dental bacteria that lead to odor and disease.


Contacting Local Dental Care Expert Chandler, AZ

While it should never take the place of brushing and flossing, taking care of your tongue can freshen your breath, improve your sense of taste, help prevent gum disease and tooth decay, and improve your overall dental health.

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