How Chandler, AZ Dentist Explains pH Levels in Your Mouth



Many individuals know that eating too much sugar is bad, however, one area they rarely know is the balance of the pH in the mouth.

When you balance the pH, it can help reduce levels of bacteria, of which many leads to tooth decay. Your local Chandler, AZ dentist, can advise on ways to balance the pH such as eating alkalosis foods, reduce eating foods or drinks that have a lower pH than that of your mouth. Besides this, there is nothing better than visiting your local Chandler dentist to get the best dental care.


What is the Ideal pH in the Mouth?

A healthy pH in saliva will fall in a range of 5.6 -7.9. Any pH level that falls below 5.5 can place a person at risk, as this is where the enamel on their teeth can erode. As a result, they are prone to cavities. A higher pH can help reduce the risk and aim to maintain a neutral pH of 7 or just above.


What about Bacteria and Sugar?

The bacteria nourish themselves with sugars commonly found in foodstuffs including table sugars, and foods containing glucose, cooked starches along with fructose, and lactose.

You will find foods like candy, soda, pastas, animal proteins and bread, along with some natural fruits, can deliver the oral cavity bacteria fuel to make lactic acid and tooth decay. Your chandler, AZ dental expert will advise that restricting the consumption of these sweet foods is one way to control the growth of bad bacteria and produce acid.


Chandler Dental Expert Explains Good Food for Oral pH Levels

Eating food that balances the alkalinity of saliva can create an unfavorable climate for oral bacteria to breed. Once pH decreases, bacteria producing lactic acid will prosper.

Attempt to eat foodstuffs which have a higher pH value, and that is higher in the alkaline spectrum.


At the highest extreme of the range are:

Spinach, broccoli and cucumbers

Onion, Sweet potato and green beans

Blueberries, mangos, avocadoes and peas

Some amazing alkaline fruits also include lemons and limes, which despite their sour taste are alkaline once you consume them.

Balance Oral pH with Chandler, AZ Dentist

Balance plays an important part when deciding about foods to control the pH of the mouth. Brushing, flossing and rinsing twice a day, and visiting the dentist every six months for dental check-ups and cleaning are essential.

Whilst having a very low mouth pH scale can put a person at increased risk of cavities, consuming only high pH foods may be too much of a good thing.

The intake of adequate vitamins and nutrients required for good health, and good oral health, is the most important thing.

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