How Will a Chandler, AZ Dentist Deal With Cavities?

If you got terrible news at your last dental appointment, you need another filling.  The number of cavities and the need for fillings is decreasing as people can take better care of their teeth, although this is still happening. 

The good news is there are now more kinds of fillings for your teeth than ever before. 

Fillings are subject to variations in complexity and material.  Some of them are direct, which means that they are placed directly in the cavity.  The others are indirect, meaning a tooth impression is taken, and a tailored filling is created to fit it. 

If restoration dentistry is recommended, you should be aware of what is accessible to you so that you can make the best decision for your oral cavity. 

Read on to see how your local Chandler, AZ best dentist will deal with another cavity.


Amalgam Fittings from the Best Dentist in Chandler, AZ

Often seen as a classic option.  Dentists are using these types of fillings and have done for 150 years or more. These fillings are made of a metal mixture containing about 50% mercury, followed by tin, copper, silver or zinc. 

Compared to other types of fillings, amalgam fillings have several advantages: they are the least expensive and are strong and durable. 

But they have their faults.  They are silver and become darker with time.  This means that when you open your mouth, they are quite distinct.  The FDA has established mercury levels in fillings are safe for people if they are over six years old.


Chandler, AZ Family Dentist Does Composite Fillings

This dental filling is made of glass powder and acrylic resin.  It has certain advantages over amalgam fillings. 

First, they can be made to match the color of a person's current teeth.  When one is looking for a natural-looking smile, a composite filling is hugely successful. 

It isn't always the right pick.  The material is less durable. It's great for a small filling, and best suited for teeth that experience a moderate amount of pressure when chewing, compared to teeth that handle the bulk of chewing action.   

If you wish to know about this filling material or any other info about fillings, then contact Martin Dental, and the staff will get back to you at the earliest possible time.

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