How a Family Dentist Chandler, AZ Helps Kids Dental Care

Raising children to develop good oral habits can be a difficult task. You can make it simpler by establishing and following a dental curriculum for your children and educating them on proper oral hygiene practices.

Here are several ways you can support compliance, but the challenge is made even harder if you have dental problems yourself. If your children are still in school, making sure you have good oral health can help. Your family dentist, Chandler, AZ, can offer help and support.


Help Kids With a Chandler, AZ Dental Schedule

Children have to see their family dentist at some stage. So, it is essential to have a suitable family dentist. There are milestones in dentistry they have to face, and one of the most challenging tasks is to get them to see a dentist, rather than fear them.

  • Pre-dental - this phase merely means that your children need a healthy diet at home.
  • First teeth - it is desirable to take your children to a screening test after they have all their primary teeth. With 6 monthly dental checkups at your local Chandler, AZ practice, you can monitor your child's tooth development and detect problems early.
  • Permanent teeth – between the ages of 6 to 11, your kids will lose their baby teeth and get their permanent teeth. This is where the hard work comes in to make sure they brush correctly and regularly.


Good Dental Habits for Children in Chandler, AZ

When children start to hold their toothbrushes on their own, you will have to monitor their dental care while showing them how to brush correctly. They'll see your teeth right now.

Aside from this, these other ways can help to enforce dental hygiene in children. Books and TV shows offer lots of educational content on oral health for children. Read these with your children so you can implement the issue. Besides these, you can stick dental charts up around the home where you highlight the steps needed to care for their teeth.

Finally, you do need to teach kids about the health risks, and showing them why they need to keep their teeth clean. Fillings, cavities and gum disease can be good motivators


Finding the Right Chandler, AZ Family Dentist

When you are searching for your family dentist, you need to be sure they offer a full range of dental services that meet your family needs.

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