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The value of saliva in maintaining healthy teeth and gums cannot be overstated. Saliva is like an oral bloodstream since it receives nutrients from the bloodstream in the mouth. The question is, why do you think that is? Similar to blood, saliva helps develop and maintain healthy tissues.

Reduced saliva production can increase the risk of cavities and other oral infections. One of the most effective ways to stimulate saliva production is to chew. While chewing, the muscles in your jaw squeeze your salivary glands, releasing your mouth's saliva. In this article, an affordable family Mesa dentist discusses handling such dental problems.


How Saliva Works In Oral Health

Saliva has several roles, such as assisting in eliminating food and debris from the teeth and gums.

When food is wet and broken down, it is easier to eat. It also enhances our perception of taste.

To prevent cavities and other illnesses, saliva creates disease-fighting chemicals in the mouth; saliva also transports calcium, fluoride, and phosphate ions to the teeth' surface to strengthen them.


How Lack of Saliva Harms Dental Health

Medications and medical conditions can reduce or increase saliva output. Conversely, insufficient saliva production might lead to a dry mouth.

In extreme cases, a dry mouth can cause a person's gums, tongue, and other oral tissues to enlarge and cause pain—a hospitable environment for the proliferation of bacteria. The symptoms of bad breath are closely related to the presence of a dry, bacterial mouth.

You're more likely to develop cavities and gum disease if you suffer from chronic dry mouth. This is because saliva plays a vital role in cleaning the mouth and teeth after eating. As a result, there will be less of a chance for cavities to form.

If your mouth is always dry, you may lose some sense of taste.

Dry mouth is a common problem among the elderly, although the cause is unclear. There is speculation that factors such as poor nutrition, systemic illness, and certain drugs play a role.


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Normal salivation helps keep the mouth clean, but an abnormal amount could indicate a medical problem. Because of its similarities to blood, saliva can aid in detecting and diagnosing dental and other diseases.

Using saliva to diagnose breast cancer, oral cancer, gum disease, and viral hepatitis has shown encouraging results. It's also possible to quickly diagnose HIV in patients using their saliva. The best part is that it aids your dentist in ensuring that you and your family always have healthy teeth and gums.

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