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The most common oral disease are tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease.  This is usually all that any family member will experience.  People can have injuries to the face and head that could compromise the health of the teeth.  However, there are a few less common oral problems that you may have to seek help with from your dentist or family doctor.  Mesa Dentist Near Me AZ

Herpes isn’t just a sexually transmitted disease.  It also isn’t as stubborn as it’s reputation suggests.  Even still, it is a very contagious virus that infects many children orally and adults as well.  The first exposure to the herpes simplex virus is called “primary herpes”.  The symptoms may appear as a sore, swollen and red features that affect the gum tissue.  Saliva may increase and blisters could develop. #martindental  The sores will heal in seven to 14 days, but the virus can remain in the body and stay inactive.  It can become active again when stress arises, fatigue, fever, or sun exposure.  There are some great over-the-counter medications that can help or even antiviral medications that can help to shorten an outbreak of “cold sores” or “fever blisters”. 

The “C” word is another uncommon oral problem, but it does occur.  Oral cancer accounts for only 2% of cancers diagnosed every year in the United States. Mesa Dentist Near Me AZ The main risk factors are tobacco and alcohol use.  Sun exposure can cause caner of the lip.  Whatever the ultimate cause is, prevention and early diagnosis is KEY to beat this crummy disease. #smilewithconfidence  Going to your dentist regularly for checkups is very important.  Your dentist will always check for signs of oral cancer, so do not miss a checkup appointment. 

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