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Even strong teeth might be damaged. A blow to the face, a slip or fall, or a faulty bite can chip or break a tooth. Here are some popular dental treatments for chipped teeth from your Queen Creek affordable dentist.


Fix Chipped Tooth With Affordable Dentist

Teeth are stronger than bones. But, despite its name, tooth enamel doesn't regenerate like bone.

Once cracked, shattered, or chipped, it can't mend itself. You need a dentist. Popular dental restorations include:



Teeth bonding is a standard and straightforward dental treatment. The word refers to a dental procedure that shapes and applies composite resin to a broken tooth. It's used to fix cracks, chips, holes, and gaps.

If you're on a tight budget, consider dental bonding. Fast and simple. First, the dentist chooses a composite resin hue that suits your teeth.

After roughing the target tooth, a conditioning solvent is applied. Afterward, the dentist will apply composite resin and shape it to fit your tooth. After the resin cures, the area is polished to achieve its natural sheen.



A dental filling closes out holes, fissures, chips, or other tooth damage using filling materials. The dentist removes the damaged piece of the tooth, cleans it, and then fills it.

It is a simple procedure, and expenses vary by filling type. Gold, porcelain, amalgam, or composite resin fillings are options. In addition, some clinics offer tooth-colored non-metal fillings that are equally durable as metal ones.

Dental crowns

Getting an affordable dental crown from your Queen Creek dentist is another way to fix chipped or cracked teeth. A "crown" is used to cover a broken tooth and restore its appearance.

This dental procedure is more complicated and expensive than the first two. This is because the dentist examines the affected tooth first.

Decay may require a root canal. Next, the tooth is cut to create room for the crown. Traditionally, a temporary cap is applied first, and the patient is told to return for the permanent crown days later. However, some dental facilities with advanced equipment can create permanent crowns in a few hours, allowing them to apply them immediately.

Crowns are advised for badly worn teeth. However, people may still select this treatment to improve their teeth's shape and color by covering them with crowns. Instead of bonding or filling for a severely chipped tooth, consider a dental crown.



Dental veneers can help fix a chipped or broken tooth. The procedure is like getting a dental crown. Veneers are tooth-colored shells glued to the teeth to cover stains, chips, irregular shapes, and other flaws. Veneers are less intrusive than crowns because they cover your front teeth.

Veneers are two sorts. The first is porcelain; the second is resin-based composite. The former is more durable and lasts 10 to 15 years, while resin-based veneers last 8 years.


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